About Persist Media

We are a web presence solution provider in Canada. We Register domain names, provide hosting solutions, design Website, and promote your website in search engines.

Persist Media is a leading full-service software development and integration company offering a broad range of business, communication and e-marketing solutions for the mobile professional and small to medium size companies who are ready to advance their business over the Internet.

Our enabling solutions help our customers accurately measure results by connecting business processes, supply chain systems, interaction and collaboration proceedings, and databases by bringing total business connectivity to their Internet based operations. The widest range of services offered by Persist Media is not limited just by website design and web development. Our web design company provides other services, such as consultancy, training, software development, web hosting, logo design, WordPress web development, search engine optimization and promotion, B2B services through web vertical and horizontal portals, translation services and more.

By leveraging the Persist Media suite of solutions our customers can:

Increase brand awareness by creating a user friendly, easy to navigate and memorable client interface.

Increase profit margins by extending their reach and visibility by rapidly bringing products and services to the global e-market place at reduced marketing and promotion costs.

Reinforce relationship with customers, suppliers, and partners by interacting on a personable level resulting in a faster response time and streamlined order processing rate.

Increase returns by adding market intelligence to the sales and support groups by creating a firm understanding of market demands, on a one to one level, that will lead to increased customer retention.

Persist Media Core Values

  • The unique point of making our web design company stand out from hundreds of others is that 100% client satisfaction has been the highest priority we always stick to. Even more, Persist Media would be happy to become more than just a web design company and a service provider always available to take care of your personal and business needs, but your navigator and guide, helping you out in the dynamically changing and growing world of web development and website design.

  • If you deal with our web design company, you get 100% guarantee that your business will be a success. We at Persist Media offer high quality standard and keep up with WordPress development guidelines at all the project workflow stages. If you deal with Persist Media, you will surely benefit from the latest technologies and channels of communication we use.

  • Another essential characteristic of our web design company is constant progress and willingness to learn. No matter if we do a simple web page design or a complex e-commerce website, you will be provided with the most up-to-date technologies and solutions since a continuous way to perfection in the field of web development is a crucial asset we always maintain. Persist Media, a Canada based top-notch web design company was founded in 2005, with its development center in Toronto. Persist Media has over 10 years of experience in providing web design, website design, and web development services.

  • Over these years our web design company has been rated as the best service provider in the field gaining a faultless reputation with our customers. The Company’s key advantage is having rapid access to a roster of technical and development talent pool that can work on delivering first-class services and WordPress based solutions, worldwide.
    High-end website design means Persist Media, and we will do the best we can for you.

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