All Persist Media clients are bound to below terms and conditions, even if these terms may not be reflected in the text of each project’s contract. Clients who sign a contract with Persist Media are responsible to read this page’s latest version to become familiar with the latest terms and conditions.

Clients who sign a contract with Persist Media are approving that have read this page before signing the contract and are accepting all terms and conditions below.

Content of this page is considered as complementary to all contracts between Persist Media and the Client, regardless of the fact that this page may not be printed, attached to the physical contract or not being physically signed or stamped by a contract’s parties.


1.Copyrighted Materials

Clients are responsible for checking the copyright of the website content. Text, images, and videos that are uploaded on a website should be copyright proof. Persist Media does not take any responsibility for copyright infringements that may cause due to uploading copyrighted materials on Client’s website.

Considering that websites that are designed by Persist Media are dynamic, it means that Persist Media will not have any responsibility for the website content. The client will have full responsibly against the website content copyright and alignment with Canada government rules and regulations.

2.Ministry Of Health and other Regulatories

All clients that need the approval to publish content in different formats, like, printed advertisement, online advertisement and online content on their website or blog are responsible to take permissions from related ministry or regulatory before starting their website project with Persist Media.

Persist Media will not be responsible to apply for any kind of permissions from any regulatories. The client is fully responsible to check with the appropriate regulatory and to do the necessary steps for getting approvals.

Persist Media does not take any responsibility against probable fines or penalties that may apply to Client due to neglection of applying for approval from related ministries or regulatories.

Note: The most important regulatory is Ministry of Health and Client is responsible to take MOH approval for the website content. Persist Media will not take any responsibility against MOH issues, fines or penalties.


Persist Media will not refund down payments to the Client. When a project is being defined and signed by the Client, the downpayment will be partly used to arrange resources for the project and could not be refunded.

4.Website Hacking

Persist Media will not be responsible for any hacking happening on Clients’ website after the project is being finished and handed over to Client.