I am an employee in a multinational company. I love shopping! As I always remain busy with my job, I prefer online shopping. It’s easy and enjoyable. I often visit different retail websites and I have gathered huge knowledge about this matter. However, I often find some of those sites to be really attractive and helpful, while some other to be dull and no use for the customers.

Now, I am going to share my assessment about “10 Major Weaknesses of a Retail Website”.

1.      The outlook: The most important thing is the first impression. When a person visits a website, the outlook is the thing which decides the continuity or departure of the visitor. If the website is dynamic, well decorated, and perfectly navigated, people stays longer there. Incomplete links, lack of categorization, broken browser link can destroy your reputation. Most of the time I never return to such annoying websites.

2.      Proper introduction of the products: It’s also a very vital point. Your website should contain a clear and complete description of the products. Just imagine about a sales assistant. Your website should be the online sales assistant. The materials used, origin of the good, size, date of manufacture must be included.

3.      Pricing: In case of price issue, customers like me basically seek for transparency and accessibly. I suggest to put a cross mark on the previous price to avoid confusion. You can add a title like, “New Offer”, or “Deal for This Month” etc to attract price conscious customers.


4.      Information about the Stock available: This is the problem I face most of the time. No information about the storage. Please mention if a product is out of stock. You can also remark when it will be available in future. Make your customers hopeful to restore it soon. Set the option of notifying the interested customers when it becomes available again or recommend other identical products remaining in the stock.


5.      Site Functionality: How do you expect to attract customer’s attention if your site lacks proper functioning? The necessary keys should be available. Include list of items, types of products, price range, and product filtration. Otherwise it will be down!


6.      Information about shipping of the products: The cost and time of shipping is a must. In case of international trading cost of shipping should be converted to the destination currency.  You can lose sale lack of this option.


7.      Images: I am a perfectionist. I like to examine each inch of the product I am going to purchase. The retail websites which do not let me see the images of the product in a satisfactory way, I simply avoid those. High quality photography from multiple angles with a zoom option is customer’s desired one.


8.      Video of the products: Inserting video slides can make your website dynamic. You can include video of the products, process of production, and even exciting fashion show presenting your products.


 9.      Discount: Many peoples remain confused about discount matters. Where to enter their discount code, how to apply for discounts online, on which products are the discounts available are the key questions to the customers. Make those clear in your site.


10.    Website speed: I am doing my shopping in online because I am a busy person. If your website takes too longer to appear, what is my benefit? So, low website speed is the factor to crash your appeal.


How to overcome these problems:

1.      Easy access: Your website should be easy to access. Rearrange all the information about products, price, different offers, terms, and policy of purchase etc. Make it clear and complete.

2.      Payment Procedure: Keep enough information available about payment process, policy, shipping costs and display the price in different currencies.

3.      Analyses customer’s Demand: Monitor your clients demand and assess their opinion about your service and try to improve accordingly.

4.      Live Chat: Try to afford a system of online chat in order to assist your customers immediately.

I think the above suggestions will help to secure you a “Great Sale Session”, dear retailer!