If you have a start-up business, but don’t know how to stretch your marketing budget in order to become visible online, then, these 5 marketing strategies will help you out with your marketing plans. Take time reading them and get ideas where you can benefit most in a cost-effective manner.

1. Create a Facebook Page

If you haven’t created a Facebook page for your business, now is the right time if you don’t want to fall behind the competition. A Facebook page won’t even cost a penny. What it needs is time for you to update it with relevant information about your business and other details which your online users could find very useful whey they search your page on Facebook.

2. Learn to tweet effectively

Many successful business owners have seen the awesome benefits of having a Twitter account. Why? Well, Twitter is another great venue to reach out your target audience and update them with events or current products you can offer. Learn to tweet effectively. For example, if you want to create a buzz in a particular niche/group about your product launch, make a countdown for the release date. Your target audience will surely look forward to that big day with such eagerness. Remember, you must only use 140 characters to advertise your offers, so make it short.

3. Do you have a Google Plus account?

If your answer is “No”, then, you are missing a good deal of business opportunities. Creating a Google Plus account offers bigger advantages in marketing your business because when people conduct searches on Google about your company, it will show online users your current Google Plus activity. You can also be truly creative with your Google Plus account by creating a virtual showroom of your offers. Remember, the more chances of your business getting indexed among online searches on Google, the more chances of people becoming fully aware that you exist and all these advertisements come for free.

4. Improve your website

So, you already have a website that is up and running. Is it performing well in terms of attracting more traffic back to your web pages that will eventually lead to future sales? If not, something is wrong on your website. Assess the overall layout of your website. It doesn’t need to have flashy graphics for online users to notice it. In fact, a simple, clean and user-friendly website is what really compels a visitor to stay on your web page or keep coming back for more updates about your business. If you don’t have the programming skills to redo your site, there are a lot of web hosting providers offering free or affordable professional services. Check one that will suit your budget.

5. Relay a clear message

Lastly, determine what message you wish to relay with your target audience. It must be clear and straightforward. Maybe a catchy slogan or a unique logo representing your company or business can say everything you wish to impart without using a thousand words. Once, you have crafted a clear message, check it before making it live on the web.

In today’s digital age, the internet has been a great source of information and viewed now by serious marketers as the ideal place to start making yourself or any newly built business become known to the public without spending much.

I do hope by following the above tips, your business could find its way to the grapevine of people searching new things, hot deals or offers worth their time and money. Come and take your share of the online success. Advertise your business and master the various techniques on how to maintain a solid presence on the web.